The Independent’s 12 Best Wine Glasses!

Back in October 2021 we had the delight of featuring in the Independent’s Home & Garden for the best 12 wine glasses for every occasion.

We have included a small snippet of the page below, however, you can read the whole page by clicking here.

According to the medieval philosopher Thomas Aquinas, sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.

He didn’t specify what sort of glass, but if he was around nowadays, he’d find that the type of glass used can increase the pleasure and enhance the enjoyment to be found in any good wine.

There is a world of glasses to choose from. Some, such as those with rounder and fuller bowls, are designed to accommodate red wines.

Others, slightly more streamlined, are designed to bring out the best in a white. Sparkling wines go well with glasses with longer and leaner silhouettes. And then, there are those that cater for all types of wine.

How the Independent tested

They looked at a range of glasses, from plastic polycarbonate to authentic Murano glass. Some come from the UK and Europe, others from as far afield as the Middle East and India. All offer to add to the appreciation and enjoyment that Thomas Aquinas found nearly 800 years ago.


A little bit about our glassware here at Diamante Home

All of our glassware here at Diamante Home is crafted from premium, ultra-clear lead-free crystal with a very high refractive index; in other words, the glasses shimmer unlike normal glass. As a result, this Hearts gin glass looks and feels very elegant and superior. By no means do you have to be an expert to recognise the difference! Once we have the underlying shape, our craftsmen and women apply various exclusive handmade finishes and designs. These range from simple cuts, to colours and paints, to Swarovski® crystals. Finally, we safely and securely package the crystal into premium boxes, which, thanks to their elegant designs, also make wonderful gifts.

As we are slightly late blogging about our mention in the Independent, we have also rated our best 6 glasses which we believe would be perfect for all different Wines, Spirits & Cocktails for 2022!

Red Wine

Venezia Red Wine Glasses, Set of 2

Clean and contemporary, the Venezia Red Wine is distinguished by modern styling and sleek elegant lines. With a generous bowl, ideal for accentuating the aroma of a full-bodied red wine, these fulsome wine glasses are perfect for a rich Claret, Burgundy or Shiraz. Stylishly crafted in fine crystal, they provide outstanding clarity and the hand-cut design, coupled with the Swarovski crystals, adds an extra elegance to the wine glasses. Presented in an Epitome Gift Box, this set would delight any wine connoisseur who likes to entertain family and friends.

White Wine

Neo Crystal White Wine Glasses, Set of 2 or 4

Specially crafted with the specific type of wine in mind, designed alongside our expert winemakers, our Neo wine glasses will not disappoint. These white wine glasses have been designed especially for fresh white wines such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc with a narrow opening that is said to intensify the taste and aromas of these crisp wines. Whether you’re enjoying a solitary glass or entertaining guests, drinkers are sure to be impressed by the expert knowledge and tailored design that makes the glass of wine that little bit more enjoyable. The glasses come packaged in a burgundy DIAMANTE gift box so they are ready to go as a present for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, house warmings and much more. Or, if you want to treat yourself or impress your guests, our Neo range is perfect for social gatherings; these wine glasses crafted from crystal glass will make a wonderful style statement.



Hearts Crystal Gin Glass Adorned with Swarovski Crystals

These fabulous Hearts gin glasses are for those who like to enjoy their favourite gin with a touch of elegance. Made from premium crystal glass and featuring a polished hand-cut heart design, finished with three genuine Swarovski® crystals. The copas are big enough to hold plenty of ice and garnishes, so you can have yours just the way you love. Alongside your favourite gin and, of course, only the best tonic, they’re the perfect way to serve your G&T. If you’re after matching sets, we also offer a Hearts Vase, found here. Featuring the same hand-cut heart shape design with three Swarovksi crystals. This design is perfect for loved ones, for engagements, anniversaries and valentines alike.



Chatsworth Whisky Tumblers, Set of 2 or 4

Complete your drinks selection cupboard with these classic whiskey tumblers. The crisp shape and sleek lines of the glass give it that eye-catching flawless finish, perfect for home or professional use. Combine class and sophistication to your dining table with this set of striking versatile glassware. The elegant shape and crisp textures provide a comfortable hold and stylish aesthetic. It’s perfect for whiskey, soft drinks with plenty of ice cubes or whatever you fancy. The reinforced base improves shock resistance and gives years of use. This, combined with the dishwasher safe guarantee, ensures easily maintainable glassware for any household.



Hurricane Pina Colada Glasses, Set of 2 or 4

These Hurricane cocktail glasses are capable of quickly injecting a new element of style into your glassware. Any glassware or cocktail menu can be given a real identity with distinct, original and inventive glasses. The presence of cocktails is growing, and more homes than ever now boast a cocktail offering. Ideal for serving a variety of beverages, these cocktail glasses are a brilliant choice for any home!



Neo Prosecco or Champagne glasses, Set of 2 or 4

Put some class into any celebration with these elegant prosecco glasses. Perfectly suited for serving your sparkling wine of choice from Champagne, or Prosecco to Cava, these drinking glasses are gorgeously crafted. You’ll receive a set of two or four glasses in a set, ensuring you have a full set for Prosecco toasts. Cleaning up is a breeze, as these beautiful glasses are also dishwasher safe.


Diamante Home was Featured in The Independent!