Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Father’s Day is coming up, which we know can often leave a lot of us scratching our heads thinking of a gift that will do dad justice. So, what better gift is there than something dad can show off and enjoy drinking out of in style. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite gift ideas for dad this Father’s Day, with a wide range of styles and a great selection for a variety of different drinks.
All our glasses are crafted from premium lead-free crystal and finished by our skilled craftsmen and women who meticulously apply the finishing touches and check each glass to ensure they meet our high standards. After all, what’s a gift if it can’t be cherished. We then package our glasses into premium boxes, which thanks to their design are wonderful for gifting. So, all that’s left for you is to decide which dad will love best!

Broadway Decanter with Tumblers – 3 Piece Set

Inspired by 1920s art deco americana, our ‘Broadway’ decanter set is slightly more modern than our ‘Chatsworth’ option, exhibiting a slightly more simplistic, classy design. What better way to treat your dad this Father’s Day than with this striking whisky set for him to take pride in and enjoy after a tiring day.


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Auris Port & Wine Tasting Glasses – Set of 4
Elevate dads’ drinks cupboard with this classy set of 4 port and wine tasting glasses! The perfect way for dad to properly enjoy his favourite wine or port with his friends, with the shape of the glass helping to guide the aromas toward the drinker’s nose. The ergonomic design of these tasting glasses also ensures the upmost comfort for dad to enjoy his drink in style.


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Riviera Tumblers – Set of 2

Toast your dad on Father’s Day with this unique pair of tumblers, featuring our modern take on a classic starburst design. With its thick walls, this is a robust glass that will stand the test of time and ensure dad enjoys his drink with some class for many years to come!


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Linea Cocktail Glasses – Set of 2

For the dads out there with a taste for mixology we have the perfect gift for them this Father’s Day. Featuring a stylish cut design at the base of the bowl this pair of martini glasses isn’t too extravagant and is the perfect gift to help dad unwind in style. Whether he’s doing his best to emulate Bond or loves a Manhattan, these glasses are ideal for serving any cocktail. 


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Auris Rum & Whiskey Taster Glasses – Set of 4
If whiskey or rum is your dad’s drink of choice, then we’ve got you covered for a Father’s Day present. Perfectly designed to accentuate the aromas of the spirit, these taster nosing glasses will ensure dad can savour the whole experience.


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Chatsworth Decanter with Tumblers – 5 Piece Set
The perfect gift for Father’s Day, we’ve created this fabulous whiskey decanter set for those who like to enjoy their whisky in a beautiful glass, where not only taste, but also presentation is important. Both the decanter and tumblers feature a traditional design that is very reminiscent of the early whisky decanters.


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Mirage Gin Glasses – Set of 2
These gin glasses feature our more modern ‘Mirage’ design, with a ripple effect being created on the glass due to the waves on the bowl – an optical effect that you can admire while drinking in style, which we a certain all the gin loving dads out there will appreciate. With a large copa bowl, these glasses are perfect for ensuring dads drink is full of his favourite garnishes. Although usually used as gin glasses, these are also perfect as a cocktail glass


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Buckingham Brandy Glasses – Set of 2
Another set featuring our traditional hand cut ‘Buckingham’ design, these glasses are sure to help dad look the part whilst enjoying his favourite tipple this Father’s Day. Specifically shaped to enjoy brandy or cognac, the bowl of the glass has been comfortably shaped to sit in the palm of the hand, whilst the wide waist helps with the release of the aromas of the brandy or cognac.


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Auris Carafe – 1500ml
If your dad loves wine, then he’ll be crazy about this wine carafe. Designed perfectly to ensure proper oxygenation and aeration of the wine, this carafe will help preserve the aroma and flavours of dad’s favourite wine for him to enjoy. Not only is it great for the wine, but the carafe also has a very elegant design and is gorgeous as a standalone piece for keeping wine in. Perfect Father’s day gift for a wine lover.


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Lotus Red Wine Glasses – Set of 2
Featuring a carefully cut pattern on the bottom of the bowl, resembling a lotus flower, these red wine glasses are the perfect choice for the red wine loving dads who enjoy drinking from an elegant glass. Designed especially for red wines, treat dad with this set and a nice bottle for Father’s Day.


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Chatsworth Tumblers with Wooden Tray – 3 Piece Set
Saving the best until last, we have our signature ‘Chatsworth’ tumblers with a wooden tray. Carved from sustainably sourced FSC beech wood, these makes an amazing gift for Father’s Day. Not just featuring our classy cut design, these glasses can be displayed pride of place by dad, thanks to the tray. Ideal for whisky, but also great for a whole host of drinks, from juice, to water, to cocktails.


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Fantasy White Wine Glasses – Set of 6
Help dad enjoy a drink with friends and family on Father’s Day with this gorgeous set of 6 white wine glasses featuring our ‘Fantasy’ design. If he loves his white wine then make sure he can enjoy it with this premium set, perfect for toasting to any occasion.


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Beer Tankard
If your dad is like most then chances are he loves a beer, especially as the weather gets warmer. But, drinking beer from a can or bottle isn’t quite the same as a refreshing pint at the pub, so why not treat dad this Father’s Day with a beer tankard so that he can properly enjoy his favourite beer. Due to thickness of this glass, it is also very durable and so makes for the perfect gift to last for years to come. 


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Neo red wine glasses set of 4
Featuring a more modern design our ‘Neo’ red wine glasses have a slightly wider waist, providing a distinctive look. A great way for dad to enjoy his wine in a sophisticated glass, which he is bound to love. 


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IPA Beer Glasses – Set of 2
If dad is more of a fan of craft beers or IPA’s, then this glass is the perfect gift for him on Father’s Day. Shaped differently to a traditional tankard, the stem of this glass and design of the bowl and rim help keep the beer ice cold and helps to bring out the distinct flavours of the IPA or craft beer.


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