Earth Day 22nd April 2022

Here at Diamante Home, we are dedicated to ensuring we leave as little impact on the environment as possible, and so to celebrate International Earth Day we wanted to highlight a few of the things we are doing in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We are passionate about trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, and so we employ a number of strategies to ensure we are as clean as possible.

We do our best to re-use packaging material, with the vast majority of what we use coming from recycled material – all done without compromising on presentation. You may have also received an order in a box with one of our ‘we love our planet’ stickers. Any boxes with this sticker have been re-used, ensuring that none of our packaging needlessly goes to waste. This has greatly helped us to cut down on wastage, and means we need to produce far less in our factories, reducing our energy usage. Alongside this, we have also committed to shipping our loads ‘loose’, meaning we don’t use any plastic shrink wrap in our warehouse – eliminating some of the most harmful materials.

In addition to all of this, you’ll be very pleased to know that our Chatsworth, Broadway, Ava, Riviera, Firenze, Quartz, Dorchester, and Marbella collections are all manufactured in a factory dedicated to eco-friendliness. They are all crafted using artisanal methods and made from ‘eco crystal glass’. This means that not only is the production process very clean, using completely electrical furnaces (so no atmospheric discharge!) powered with renewable energy, but the glass itself is 100% recyclable.



One of our best sellers, our Chatsworth range is extremely versatile, boasting stunning wine glasses, champagne glasses, and tumblers. Our intricate design adds to the elegance of this glass, a classy addition to any dining room.



Our Quartz range is inspired by the eruption of Mount Etna, with the natural, un-uniformed design refracting light through the glass in a way which enhances the clarity of the eco crystal, adding to its classy, premium look and feel.



One of our more modern collections, Broadway is ideal for a range of drinks, from cocktails, to juices, to water. The collection also contains a stunning whiskey decanter set. A sleek range ideal for any occasion.

Click here to view our ‘eco crystal range’, all crafted from premium lead-free eco-friendly crystal glass. Some of our personal favourites from this range include the Quartz, Broadway, and Chatsworth collections.

See what Diamante Home are doing to help save the planet..

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