Cinco De Mayo 2022

The perfect glass to celebrate Cinco De Mayo..

With Cinco de Mayo coming up, you have an ideal excuse to treat yourself to a refreshing margarita with one of our many stunning crystal margarita glasses. Enjoy a Mexican classic in the perfect way with this set, wonderfully suited to the Mexican theme. Not only perfect for a margarita, they’re also ideal for many other cocktails too!

Something of a staple across our ranges, if you fancy putting a more contemporary twist on your margarita, we also have a huge selection of martini glasses, with something perfect for everyone. From our lustre coloured martini glasses, to our Swarovski® embellished options, all the way to our gorgeous coloured Oro glasses, browse our huge range here

Whether you are celebrating the occasion yourself or looking for that special gift for your friends or family, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect set here.

Make sure you also check out our unique Auris stemless martini glasses here, especially if you’re looking for something a little bit different. 

The ergonomic design of this glass allows for you to comfortably enjoy your martini, whilst still retaining the crisp chill of the cocktail.

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Of course, it’s not just limited to martinis (how dull would that be!). Martini by name, but not necessarily by nature, use this brightly coloured day as an opportunity to celebrate with any cocktail in our glasses. What’s more, we also have an extensive collection of other cocktail glasses. 


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