Father’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

With Father’s Day coming, now is the time to order a special gift for a special dad. We know it can sometimes be hard to shop even for those closest to you, so we have curated a list of products we think every dad will love this Father’s Day. From wine glasses, to whiskey tumblers, to cocktail glasses, and of course beer glasses, we have the perfect range of gift sets for the occasion. Crafted from premium lead-free crystal, our glasses are guaranteed to provide you with a stunning gift for Father’s Day to use on special occasions, every day or treasured as a keepsake. Keep reading to discover our top picks.

Wine Lovers Collection

Every Dad loves a drop of wine every now and then (or perhaps a bit more often), so why not treat them to a set of one of our gorgeous wine lover’s collection. All delicately crafted, these glasses will enhance the aroma of your favourite wines, making for an even more enjoyable drink.

Auris Mini Cocktail Coupes
This pair of coupe glasses are the perfect way to enjoy a port, sherry and a small glass of wine, and the ideal gift for Father’s Day. It is also a perfect glass for a negroni or any short cocktail

Auris Prosecco Glasses
These glasses are ideal for your bubbly celebrations, and the best way to toast Dad this Father’s Day. Beautiful glasses for sparkling wine of your choice

Auris Plain Carafe
Really treat your dad with this stunning wine carafe, a classy way to display your favourite wines. The shape has been carefully selected for optimum aerating of your dad’s favourite wine

Auris Red Wine Glasses
Perfect as a matching set with our Auris carafe, or simply on their own, these crystal red wine glasses are great for enjoying your drink in style.

Auris White Wine Glasses
Another great match to our Auris red wine glasses, these white wine glasses will be a popular gift for the fathers who enjoy a drop of white wine.

Auris Stemless Wine Glasses
If you are after a little more casual but equally stylish wine drinking experience our crystal stemless wine glasses are perfect. Alternatively, why not use them for a Gin & Tonic or dad’s favourite cocktail?

Auris Brandy Glasses
Get your dad a gift to sit back and relax in style with this stunning pair of snifter glasses. Perfect glasses for rum or whisky

Broadway Collection

Inspired by 1920’s art deco americana, our Broadway collection puts a stylish twist on staple glasses. The sleek design helps make the perfect gift for any father who loves enjoying his favourite drink in style.

Broadway Whisky Decanter
Inspired by 1920’s art deco americana, this stunning whiskey decanter, part of our Broadway collection, is a classy gift this Father’s Day.
Broadway Highball Tumblers
 These crystal highball tumblers are so versatile, you can’t go wrong with these glasses for Father’s day for enjoying a whole range of drinks, from cocktails, to beer, to water.
Broadway Short Tumbler
Also ideal for a wide range of drinks, these tumblers are very well paired with whiskey, making them the perfect set for our Broadway whiskey decanter.

Ultra-Light Collection

Our Ultra-Light collection, crafted from the very best quality lead-free crystal and advanced technology allows the glasses to be very thin walled and light, but just as durable. This makes them an ideal gift range for the dads who love to drink from a stylish and elegant glass.

Zero Short Tumblers
A multipurpose glass suitable for just about any drink of choice; why not present your dad’s favourite long drink in this glass to make Father’s day gift even more special? Vodka Tonic anyone?
Ultralight White Wine Glasses
This pair of light crystal white wine glasses are slightly smaller than red wine glasses but still large enough to release and accentuate the aromas of a white wine. These glasses are an absolute must for a wine connoisseur.
Ultralight Large Red Wine Glasses
The perfect gift set addition to our Ultra-Light white wine glasses, these thin red wine glasses help bring a bit of class to the table and will be well received by any wine lover.
Air Short Tumblers
These lightweight crystal glasses have a thin base, without losing out on any durability, and are ideal for a wide range of drinks, making them a perfect versatile gift for Father’s Day.
Slender Tall Tumblers
A pair of taller Ultra-Thin glasses, these glasses look great with a cocktail, among a whole host of other drinks, something we’re sure all the dads out there will love this Father’s Day.
Slender Short Tumblers
This pair of slender crystal drinking glasses are a great way to enjoy a whole variety of drinks on a daily basis, including for this Father’s Day celebrations.

Premium Cut Crystal Collection

Our premium cut crystal features the finest glass, delicately crafted and then carefully hand cut by one of our skilled craftsmen or craftswomen. These quality glasses are the perfect way to treat your dad this Father’s Day and help you to celebrate in style.

Linea Decanter
A stunning mouth blown, hand cut and polished whisky or spirit decanter, this piece is sure to impress your dad on father’s day and we are sure he will love to show it off. Beautiful example of clarity and craftsmanship; don’t miss out on this limited edition whisky decanter.
Linea Champagne Flutes
A premium gift for a very special occasion, these gorgeous flutes are sure to be a favourite this Father’s Day. A truly elegant glass for sparkling wine, elevating the drinking experience to another level.
Linea Highball Glasses
A pair of premium quality crystal tumblers, these glasses feature a hand cut and polished design. Glasses suitable for any drink of preference from a lovely cocktail to a refreshing soft drink glass. We think a Tom Collins would be grat in this glass
Linea Short Tumblers
Matching perfectly with the highball tumblers, these whisky glasses are made from only the highest quality lead free crystal, with a carefully hand cut design making them the perfect classy gift for a whisky lover on Father’s Day
Linea Gin Glasses
We are convinced this hand cut gin glass will be very well received on Father’s day. It definitely adds a touch of class to any gin and tonic although it is also perfect for enjoying a nice Burgundy wine . The wide bowl allows for a full development of flavours, the wine’s acidic content is smoothed out after a few minutes in the glass and the bitter tannins are softened making each sip taste exceptional.

Cocktails for Men

One of the most universally enjoyed drinks, a glass of your favourite cocktail is the perfect way to celebrate on Father’s Day, with a wide range of our sets making ideal gifts for dad. Not just for cocktails, these glasses are also great for a huge range of drinks, including juice and water. We’ve come up with a list with a few staples, and also some of our personal favourites.

Auris Martini Glasses
Give your dad the ultimate James Bond experience with this set of Martini glasses, a gift that no dad will disapprove of on this Father’s Day. Or try something new? Maybe a Gibson?
Auris Stemless Martini Glasses
Enjoy a night in on Father’s Day with this perfect gift idea, with the stemless design making these great for a casual drink, a cheeky espresso Martini or a Manhattan
Auris Margarita Glasses
You can’t go wrong with an old-time classic Margarita glass. Perfect for just about any cocktail and holds a generous 340ml so you will definitely be popular if you serve your dad a cocktail in one of these beauties.
Pina Colada Glasses
Show your dad some love on Father’s Day with this staple piña colada cocktail glass, also amazing for other cocktails.
All Rounder Glasses
These all-rounder glasses are perfect for a huge variety of drinks from beer, to water, to cocktails, to juices – you can’t go wrong when gifting these this Father’s Day.
Ava Highball Tumblers
Made from very resistant and brilliantly clear crystal glass, these glasses will last a lifetime. This has to be one of our favourites. The design at the base provides grip as well as decoration. They’re dishwasher safe, too.
Quadro Highball Glasses
This set of two premium lead-free crystal tumblers feature our modern, ergonomic design. These are the perfect gift for dad on Father’s Day, for a comfortable, classy experience. They are stunning with a dash of whisky in them, but we are sure an Old fashioned or a Whisky sour would be well received in this glass

Traditional Cut Premium Range

With a unique sparkle, impossible to achieve with cheaper, pressed glass, these glasses and decanters are the perfect way to treat your loved ones with a premium gift on Father’s Day. Featuring a more traditional  and timeless design, our glasses from this collection offer a very classy aesthetic, perfect for enjoying a glass of your favourite drinks this Father’s Day, especially nice for some whisky.

Old Buckingham Decanter Gift Set
Packaged in a premium satin lined gift box, this set is sure to turn heads with the gorgeous glasses and classy decanter for displaying your favourite whiskey. The ideal gift for any whiskey loving dad.
Symphony 24% Lead Crystal Red Wine Glasses
These traditional looking crystal red wine glasses are great for enjoying your favourite wines this Father’s Day. They are a classic piece to add to your table.
Buckingham Brandy Glasses
These cut lead free crystal brandy glasses are designed to sit in the palm of the hand, with the wide waist helping the release of the aromas of the cognac or brandy.
Buckingham Barrel Vase
An elegant crystal barrel vase features our hand cut Buckingham design and is perfect for smaller to medium sized bouquets. The barrel shape of this vase helps to bunch the flowers, creating an elegant look for your bouquet. It would make a stunning centre piece to your table complementing the rest of this traditional glassware range
Symphony Crystal Tumblers
These durable, weighty crystal tumblers feature our traditional Symphony design, packaged in a luxury satin lined gift box – a classy gift for Father’s Day.
Symphony 24% Lead Crystal White Wine Glasses
Our white wine Symphony wine glass set are perfectly matched with our red wine versions, with the weight and shape providing a classy, premium feel. An ideal gift this Father’s Day.

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