World Whisky Day 2022

All you need to celebrate world whiskey day this year is bottle of your favourite whisky, enjoyed in one of our many exquisite lead-free crystal whiskey tumblers. Whatever way you choose to celebrate the water of life, be it neat or in a cocktail, we’re sure you will find the perfect glass to enjoy the occasion in one of our many ranges. Not a whiskey lover yourself? Our whiskey tumbler sets are also the perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves a dram. Not just ideal for whiskey, our tumblers are perfect for a whole range of drinks, from water, to juice, to cocktails.

Auris Crystal Tumblers – Set of 2

From our Auris collection, this set of four whiskey tumblers offer a more simplistic design to showcase that rich colour whisky, perfect for enjoying a drop of your favourite whiskey with some class.  Although they are plain, the size has been carefully design to be comfortable to hold and the thick ice on the bottom of the glass add an element of luxury

Fantasy Tumblers – Set of 6

Featuring our modern, hand cut fantasy design, this set of six tumblers is sure to wow any guest. Also making the ideal gift, these glasses are a classy addition for any occasion. They are extremely versatile and the rounded shape is not too wide making it lovely to hold

Chatsworth Crystal Tumblers – Set of 2

You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous pair of timeless tumblers featuring our intricate Chatsworth design. Perfect for enjoying your favourite whiskey in style, these glasses are also perfect for everyday use thanks to their thick side walls. Available in our premium burgundy gift box, these glasses are also available in our luxury gift box, making them the perfect gift for any whiskey lover. Also available as a set of 4.

Quadro Whisky Tumblers – Set of 2

Featuring a modern twist on a traditional design, we’ve created this fabulous pair of crystal whiskey tumblers for those who like to enjoy their whisky in a beautiful glass, where not only taste, but also presentation is important. We’ve combined modern technology, which allows for unparalleled clarity, with the time-tested ergonomic shapes of the tumblers providing maximum comfort. Also available as a set of 6.

Whisky Taster Glasses – Set of 2

These small glasses are purpose designed for tasting smaller samples of whiskey. The wider base, along with the inside peak and increased surface area, guide the complex aromas towards the drinker’s nose and mouth. There is also enough space for an ice cube too! The dimple on the bottom of the glass enables you to hold the glass comfortably and securely while adding to the aesthetic look of the glass

It’s not just tumblers we have to offer. We are also very proud of our stunning range of premium decanters, brilliant for showing off your best whiskey. Our Chatsworth and Quadro tumblers featured below also have matching decanters available, for those looking for a complete set.

Severn Decanter

Unlike traditional decanters, this contemporary style decanter has a brilliant capacity, and offers a unique aesthetic. The  perfect exhibit for your spirits, it is a beautiful piece of glass just on its own featuring crystal clear clarity and a weighty feel to the bottle and the stopper

Combo Whisky Decanter

The ultimate combination of style and practicality, this stackable whisky set is not only eye catching but also very tidy. Made from premium Italian lead free crystal, this set is a perfect gift for the whisky lovers in your life, or simply to to decorate your own home or office. The Combo set elevates the concept of a set due to its versatility. Consisting of a 35 cl bottle and two glasses, it is stackable, combinable, and suitable for countless uses. Perfect for whiskey.

Who says that you have to like whisky to enjoy World Whisky day? Like many of us here at Diamante Home, if you like to spice things up, enjoy your whisky as a base for a wonderful range of cocktails and of course to help you enjoy them, we are here to help with our wide range of glassware offer. Keep reading to discover some of our top picks for celebrating this year’s world whiskey day.

Broadway Hi Ball Glasses – Set of 2

When you top your whiskey sour with club soda, you have the John Collins. It’s brilliantly refreshing and a wonderful happy hour drink. Best enjoyed in a tall Hi Ball tumbler; we think we have just the perfect glass for a John Collins.  Our timeless Broadway Hi Balls are long drink crystal glasses, inspired by the art deco style of the 1920s. Manufactured from premium pressed lead free crystal, these glasses are an elegant, modern take on a retro style design. The best news is they are also available in a short tumbler to match.

Elegance Cocktail Saucer – Set of 2

Who doesn’t love a Manhattan? With its traditional combination of rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters, the Manhattan is an icon in the whiskey world. It is to whiskey what the martini is to gin and the base for countless cocktails. And guess what?  We have a vast range of cocktail coupes to enjoy your Manhattan. Our pick for World whisky Day is our ‘Elegance’ Cocktail saucer. We are proud to present these glasses as a part of our Elegance collection which is a slightly more contemporary, featuring very long stems and large bowls. The pieces are tall and hold a large volume and stand out both on display but also when serving guests, providing a topic of conversation.

   Available in pairs of white wine glasses, red wine glasses, champagne saucers and champagne flutes

Find the perfect glass to celebrate World Whisky Day 2022