World Cocktail Day 2022

Who doesn’t love a cocktail! Enjoy world cocktail day on 13th May with our fantastic range of cocktail glasses; perfect for any of your favourite cocktails. As the weather gets nicer, what better way to relax in the sun than with a refreshing cocktail in one of our stunning lead-free crystal glasses. From a Martini or a Margarita to a Piña Colada, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect glass to suit your tastes. Keep reading to discover our extensive cocktail glasses range.

Auris Crystal Champagne & Cocktail Saucers – Set of 2

These elegant champagne saucers are also perfect for enjoying your cocktail celebrations with that extra bit of class. The modern angular shape and tall elegant stems not only prevent your drink from being warmed by the hand and keep it chilled for longer but also add that extra touch of elegance to your drinking experience. The saucer shape is designed to savour sweeter champagnes and sweet cocktails.

Lustre Coloured Gin Glasses – Set of 4

As our gardens have come alive with colour, make sure your drinks do on cocktail day too! This set of four lustre glasses is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite G&T thanks to the shape of the glass, among a range of other cocktails too. They add a bit of fun and joy to your get togethers, whether it is dinner parties, summer cocktails at barbeques or simply a night in with a bit of extra stye, these glasses will look great stored with other glasses on a kitchen shelf and bring some colour to your space

Broadway Crystal Tumblers – Set of 2

Upgrade your glassware with these stunning tumblers. Timeless in style, these elegant drinking glasses feature a cut glass effect for a beautiful touch of pattern. These tumbler glasses are ideal for a huge range of drinks, from juice, to water, whisky and (most importantly) cocktails! Enjoy a glass of your favourite cocktail in this effortlessly stylish glass.

Auris Mini Cocktail Coupes – Set of 4

Enjoy your cocktail with a bit of class with this stylish set of two mini coupes. These glasses are designed for cocktail sommeliers who don’t want much of a soft mixer to spoil their drink. The shape of the bowl and lip is designed for directing high-alcohol content drinks to the mid-palate and is a less spill-prone alternative to the traditional Martini model. Perfect for serving Negroni, Manhattans, Grasshoppers and more, the ultra-fine laser-cut rim ensures the finest flavour in every sip.

Hurricane Cocktail Glasses – Set of 2

Synonymous with a Piña Colada, this glass is also perfect for a huge variety of other fruity cocktails. With an optimal shape for enhancing the taste of your cocktails, this glass should be a staple for any cocktail lover. They represent the spirit of unrestrained fun and are commonly used for classic party tipples, like frozen margaritas and piña coladas.

Arabesque Crystal Champagne & Cocktail Saucers – Set of 2

Part of our Arabesque range, these delicate pattern saucers are the perfect way to serve that extra special cocktail. The shape of the glass bowl and the long elegant stem has been carefully designed to accentuate the enjoyment of your favourite cocktail. Featuring our beautifully intricate floral design, these glasses have that extra special touch also make for the perfect gift for any occasion this summer whether it is a wedding gift, anniversary gift or a birthday gift, we are sure the recipients will be delighted.

Orange Ombre Gin Glasses – Set of 2

Add a little colour and fun to your cocktail glass with this beautiful pair of peach pink ombre cocktail glasses. Originally designed as a gin glass, these versatile glasses are perfect for any cocktail with their generous capacity of 780ml, the world of cocktail is your oyster. Match the warm weather vibes with this gorgeous pair not only on cocktail day but any day.

Find the perfect glass to celebrate World Cocktail Day 2022!